Summer – The Season of the Passionate Heart

In Chinese medicine, summer is the season of the heart where passion and love reign. It is a time of sensual and physical pleasure. Think of sinking your teeth into stone fruits and berries, diving into the cool pleasure of a natural body of water, the way your body feels when the tendons are loose and the joints are moist and you are covered in sweat while moving your body. Think of renewing the fires of your romantic love and having special time with your children who are unburdened by the school year responsibilities.

My prescription for health in this season is to slow down! Give yourself a break! Stop trying to do it all! Hold yourself less accountable this summer! Here are some tips to really enjoy the passionate fires of summer!

  • Walk slower – especially in the heat
  • Eat naturally sweet fruits rather than heavy flour laden cakes – save those for winter
  • Make love one more time a week than normal
  • if you are single – try rubbing coconut oil into your skin before jumping in the shower – this is a fantastically sensual practice
  • Add one day of physical exercise to your regime
  • Put your bills on auto – payment
  • Let your apartment get a little messy
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes this summer
  • Take walks after dinner in the park with your loved ones
  • Light candles during dinner
  • Jump in a lake or ocean
  • Invite a friend or neighbor to dinner
  • Take a lunch hour
  • Use your vacation days!
  • Leave work on time

Recreate a little Childhood this Summer!

Give yourself permission to be happy this summer – even if it means you are less “productive” or “together.” I give you all permission to enjoy your summer like you did when you were children!

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