Park Slope Acupuncture – 3 Ways That Acupuncture Helps Fertility

 If you live in the Park Slope, Brooklyn area and you struggle with fertility, it may come as a surprise to you to learn that you could be using acupuncture to help with your fertility issues. Anyone who has walked this path knows how emotionally difficult it can be every month when you start to realize that another cycle has gone by without a pregnancy.  It is one of the most difficult journeys to have to make.  But luckily we have solutions that Western medicine does not have and we are lucky enough to be able to utilize the best of both western medicine and ancient healing traditions.

When women come to me for fertility I usually begin with a consultation session.  I choose to do this because every woman’s journey is completely different when it comes to her infertility and it is important for me to know what she has been through up to that point.

I also want to know a detailed health history.  People usually don’t realize this, but imbalance can begin fairly early in life.  We often don’t show signs until years later but I want to know how health was in childhood, how food was viewed in the family home, how emotions were dealt with and if there was a lot of illness.  These things reveal so much about how a woman views herself and how she takes care of herself.  So many women who struggle with infertility have developed a pattern of relating to themselves and the world which is not nourishing and balanced and balance is the most important thing when it comes to getting pregnant.

Acupuncture helps with balance in three ways:

It calms the central nervous system.  The skin is the largest organ and therefore has a great deal of communication with the brain.  When this skin is punctured, as it is in acupuncture, the brain is alerted and endorphins are released.  Endorphins are the body’s own natural morphine.  Therefore the body becomes flooded with chemicals that induce relaxation.  This increases the body’s ability to send blood to all of its organs – including the reproductive organs.

Acupuncture also balances the mentrual cycle.  Many women who have “mystery infertility” have simple imbalances within the fluctuations in their cycles.  Acupuncture can shorten a lengthy cycle, lengthen a too short cycle, smooth out a choppy BBT chart, strengthen a too light flow and thin a blood flow that is full of clots.

Diet is so very important to infertility.  Seeking the help of an acupuncturist can help inform you about which foods to avoid and which foods to increase as well as helping the body transform food into energy that will help the body even itself out.

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