Park Slope Acupuncture – Using Acupuncture to Treat Allergies

With the season of fall approaching, it is time for a discussion on allergies again.  Autumn allergies are not as difficult for most people as the allergies of spring.  But the season brings with it enough annoyance to its sufferers to merit an autumn reminder about how Chinese Medicine views allergies.

Allergies are seen as a hyper-activity of the immune system.  So its solution always comes in the form of aiding the body in becoming more harmonious with its environment so the protective mechanism, the immune system, isn’t working so hard.  One way we do this is by calming the central nervous system and the second way we do this is by making sure the body’s detoxification systems are moving and working well.

When someone is constantly stressed, the stress hormones of the body have been working overtime.  This has tremendous costs to the body’s systems as whole.  Everyone knows that when you are anxious and nervous – all sensations in your environment seem more intense – car horns, voices, crowds, perfumes, reaction to food, reaction to people.  This includes environmental allergens like pollen and mold.  The calmer your system is, the less you are going to react to all of these things.  Acupuncture is one of the most effectives ways to calm your system as a whole down.

Your body’s three main detoxification filters are your kidneys, your liver, and your large intestine.  When those filters fill up and stop moving – they become toxic.  This toxicity leaches into the bloodstream causing even more strain on the detox system.  This wreaks havoc on the immune system.  One sign that your detoxification systems are strained and need help is acne or skin disturbances.  When these three main filters are not functioning optimally, your body will excrete toxins through the skin.

If this is you, call the office today and let’s get you started back on the road to health.

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