Would I like to get well?

Last month we were talking about fear. We talked about the importance of recognizing fear as being a part of who we are and perhaps a part that needs acknowledgment, encouragement, mothering, love, and acceptance. We spoke about how our fears want us to stay small, be isolated, be unseen. Unfortunately, this goes against our soul’s purpose and can really stagnate our lives and get us away from that which nourishes us, fosters our creative expression, attracts love into our lives and makes us embrace life with all of its ups and downs. I think yet another aspect of this fearful part of us that needs to be acknowledged is that fear can have a tenacious root that doesn’t want us to be free from it. In fact, there is a part of some illness that desperately desires that we stay stuck, sick, small, alone, broken, alienated and stagnant. There is a part of us that would rather have the familiarity of dysfunction than the unknown reality and responsibility of the new. Do you recognize yourself in this description? I do.

Many of you know that I am a Christian and study how Christ healed people for instruction in my own work. Sometimes people were healed of physical maladies that had plagued them for decades, I love it! This week in our study we looked at the Gospel of John when Jesus healed the crippled man by the pool that was said to be a superstitious fountain of healing. Jesus healed the man instantly, telling him to take up his mat and walk. But before he did this, he asked him if he wanted it. “Would you like to get well?” he asked.

Apple blossom in the blue cup of waterWould I like to get well? Well, yes! Yes I would! Of course I would, I mean we are in the middle of a wellness revolution here in America, aren’t we? Illness is the new enemy. All the websites and facebook pages are plastered with images of women and men who are free of spirit, physically strong, healed of the past, thin, muscular and beautiful, fulfilled, self realized, healthily married, rearing confident and inspiring children – children who never waver in self – confidence, never feel jealousy, are active in their communities, connected and never lonely!

Of course I want that YES YES YES!

But in the story, clearly this crippled beggar, who had suffered this condition for 38 years, unable to make a living, build a family, build wealth, take care of himself physically, even rejected from religious circles of the day because of his illness. How much more than us did HE want to be healed and yet, before Jesus healed him body, mind and soul, gave him a chance at life, at being able to experience even the slightest human activities that we take for granted but of which he was deprived for almost four decades, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”

I had to ask myself, why did he ask this question? And so I asked myself the same question about the power of fear in my life: Are these fears that are plaguing me, holding me back from moving forward, do they represent the part of me that does not want to be made well? The part of me that wants to stay small is the part of me that would rather choose the pain of fear, to the unknown mountain of uncertainty that is sure to befall me if I choose to step out and get big, get seen, get noticed, get well. Did that beggar really want the responsibility that having a strong back and legs to carry himself brings? Jesus was asking him, if I heal you, you will have to live this life, do you really want that?

We all have a way of relating to the world that may be dysfunctional or deeply rooted in fear of the unknown, fear of engagement, fear of responsibility. Part of stepping out of that mindset that may be making you sick is to ask yourself the question, “Do I want to heal?” And the answer may be no, but just realizing that this is happening for you will get you to the next level of healing these deeply rooted fears that are holding you back from blossoming into the opportunities life has for you. Deep life that is abundant and full of joy.

As an acupuncturist, I have always been burdened by my patients that don’t get well. So much so that I am about to reveal a new Program of Healing that is designed to shed light on these tenacious roots that hold us back from moving forward in our lives and in our health.

I am so excited (and at times terrified!) to be unveiling something so close to my heart as a healer and something I KNOW is going to make a huge difference in the lives of people who want to have life and have it more abundantly! So stay tuned for some new offerings at Healing Heart Acupuncture. I just know this Spring is going to be a huge season of healing for many of you!


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