Forgiveness is one of the most challenging topics to write about.  There have been times when I think I have truly  forgiven someone and then something happens to make me realize my forgiveness was only superficial.  I often wonder, “How can I achieve true and lasting forgiveness?”  because I know how important forgiveness is to moving forward in life, enjoying peace of mind and establishing healthy habits.

This week I received a new insight from one of my teachers that really shifted MY perspective and I wanted to share it with you in order to help you enhance your relationship with forgiveness, and by affect, enjoy good health and peace of mind.  

Why is forgiveness so important?  Well as we know, acupuncture is all about enhancing the smooth flow of energy in the body because when energy gets stops moving, disease happens.  It’s preventative medicine people!  We stop illness BEFORE it happens!  There are certain emotions that cause the energy to stagnate and one of them is RESENTMENT.  

Resentment is a lack of forgiveness.  It is a distinct inability to let go of something someone has done to offend you.  It is replaying the offense over and over in your mind until, after a while of doing this, tracks get laid down in your mind and your body that are extremely difficult to alter.  It is similar to when a stream of water begins to flow through sand and creates a new pathway.  The more water that flows through the path, the deeper the pathway becomes and after a while the new pathway becomes the only pathway.   This can happen in your body if resentment isn’t dealt with and released.  

But how do you do this? I have met so many people who want to forgive, but just don’t know how.  I’ve also met people who pretend to forgive on the outside but inside are not really dealing with it either.  What I have found is that I usually forgive because I understand the other person’s side of it intellectually, but deep down I still hold it against them when I think of our relationship.  In other words, if the relationship isn’t whole, I haven’t truly let it go.  

Before we go any further, in order to illustrate my point later, I want to bring up the topic of self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice is not something promoted by this age.  We are in the age of prosperity and so much focus is placed on building a life for ourselves.  Happiness is equated with financial abundance, security and material possessions.  But every one of us has demonstrated times of self-sacrifice, even so, and I want to highlight those times as being the path to a deeper and more lasting sense of happiness.    

For example, a small thing like giving up your seat on the subway for someone else can really shift your whole perspective and mood.  A sense of contentment comes from saying, “take my seat and I will endure the discomfort of standing in rush hour FOR you” and suddenly the discomfort turns out to be not that bad.  In fact, you feel so content that this person is comfortable that it improves your day, in a small way.

Or a larger thing, parents, when you sacrifice something in your budget in order to send your child to the movies with their friends or to a camp they want to go to and to see the joy for them while they are making good memories.  The sacrifice you make is fruit for the child’s life. Someone without children may be able to enjoy luxuries that are no longer a part of your life, but something within the sacrifice is a deep sense of contentment that you enhanced your child’s life by making yourselfLESS CONTENT.  You are PAYING A PRICE for goodness in the life of someone else.

When thinking about forgiveness, the same principal applies.  I think what is so hard about forgiveness is realizing that we have, in some way, been negatively altered by the actions of someone else and this is hard to live with.  And let’s face it, some things are more serious than others, but the principal is the same.  Someone, out of their own flawed humanness, has encroached upon you.  I challenge you to, instead of assuming the role of the wounded and victimized, sacrifice your comfort and contentment for the sake of the other by carrying the burden for them.  It immediately elevates you to a position of strength because you become capable of being strong where they are weak.  And you are doing it for the sake of them and for the sake of yourself and your well-being.  You are volunteering to pay a price for someone else’s weakness,just like you volunteer to be uncomfortable for the sake of someone else’s comfort.  It takes a lot of strength and ego-denial to do this, but the rewards are tremendous.  The rewards are the development of inner strength and beauty which doesn’t fade.  And that is something the age of prosperity doesn’t recognize.  Sacrificing yourself in this way actually elevates and strengthens you, creating lasting inner fulfillment and that is the TRUE prosperity.  

If you are feeling tight and out of balance, you may need to check in with me.Spring can actually be an incredibly difficult time of year to stay in balance.SO much change happens in a short period of time and it can show up in the body as migraine headaches, tight neck and shoulders, depression or allergies.  

Contact me today and we will get that energy flowing again!  And it will be fun to catch up!  Miss you guys that haven’t been in in a while.  

See you soon!

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