ef9f0777-2692-4341-adbc-9bad7fe3fbd1Those of you who have worked closely with me in the Journey of Healing or in our private healing sessions know that committing to a process of change or growth is an exciting soulful journey that can be painful at times and often yields unexpected and joyful results.

Those wonderful improvements to our lives is why we undergo the pain of discovery and inner work. We want to lead lives that are progressing towards who we feel we really are inside and that stretch us to our maximum potential.

Last August I joined a business coaching group led by my long time coach and mentor, Joanna Lindenbaum.  It was an opportunity for me to take stock of my business and figure out what was working and what had to go in order for me to maintain joy and enthusiasm in my work with clients and as an entrepreneur. The year long coaching program is just about to come to a close and as I’m looking back on the process I have been engaged in for the past year, I’m realizing that some really unexpected results have come to fruition.  

One of the challenges of being in the healing arts is realizing that the product you are “selling” is you!  And believe me, this is more challenging than it seems.  So much of your enjoyment of this process depends on how well you value yourself when offering healing to others, setting prices and boundaries and office protocols such as how you deal with missed appointments and such.  Oftentimes in my field, you don’t know how the work you do is received, how much of an effect it has on the person you are treating and whether or not you are making a difference.  It’s not like accounting when you can balance the books and you know you have done a good job!  So this year I have really committed to trusting that if I stay present to the other person and my intentions are pure, that my skills will shine through and have a positive effect on my clients.  I have really done the deep inner personal work of trusting that my work  yields positive results in the lives of my patients.

One side effect of learning to deeply value yourself and your work is that outside circumstances that are not aligned with your purpose begin to fall away. For the past couple of months I have been laboring over whether to leave the Plaza Center for the Healing Arts which has been my home for the past seven years, after a significant rent increase happened in May. Last month I came to the conclusion that there were too many aspects of the physical space that were not aligned with what my ideal setting for healing is. So although on a personal level it will be difficult for me to leave the Plaza Center and all the wonderful people that work there, it has become obvious that it will not work for what I have planned for the next phase of my business.

So although I don’t have all of the details in place, I’m really excited to see what God has in store for me in the fall. I’m expecting something really great and fully aligned with the type of environment I want to create. Expect to be hearing announcements about a brand new location and new offerings to be announced in the fall.

I’m so excited to step into the next phase of my life and my practice. And I’m really excited for my trip! Keep a look out for photos. I promise to send one of the Taj Mahal! Have a great rest of your summer and I look forward to seeing you in the fall!

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