As of August 15th, 2016, the Prospect Heights office will be closed temporarily due to maternity leave. I will be seeing patients at my home office in Borough Park/Sunset Park starting September 7th. Please email me if you are interested in coming to the home office.

My name is Mary Hart and I have been practicing acupuncture in Park Slope for 9 years. My first years in practice were spent working alongside a chiropractor, and most of my time was geared toward treating physical pain and dysfunction. About a year ago, I decided to switch gears, move to Prospect Heights, and begin focusing my practice on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of physical disharmony.

I began training in techniques that free the mind from the grips of dysfunctional patterns often resulting from unmet childhood needs or unresolved trauma, which I feel is massively under-diagnosed in our culture, and is at the root of much physical and emotional suffering and even addiction. I combine these Mind techniques with acupuncture, body work and essential oils, and I feel I am really practicing true Mind-Body medicine.

My actual calling and the mission of my practice is to offer a place for people to go where the connection between the mind and the body is deeply understood and to offer treatment choices with varying degrees of intervention.