Journey of Healing

As of August 15th, 2016, the Prospect Heights office will be closed temporarily due to maternity leave. I will be seeing patients at my home office in Borough Park/Sunset Park starting September 7th. Please email me if you are interested in coming to the home office.

Journey of Healing

shutterstock_149727245I decided to create the Journey of Healing when a proportion of my clients were only getting temporary relief with acupuncture treatment. Their symptoms would improve for a few days with treatment, but then the body would go back to its prior state. It bothered me a lot that some people were not getting better. It haunted me as to why that was. What I suspected was that some had deeper issues that were not being addressed with acupuncture alone. But what were those issues? It bothered me that they were not enjoying the kind of vibrant health that they could be.

Over the years, I began to sense that with some, the roots of illness were deeper and more embedded in the mind and were simply manifesting in the body. But how could you help people with their mental health from an acupuncture perspective? That’s when I discovered my mentor Jan Luther and the special formula of EFT Tapping that she practices and teaches. EFT tapping works with the acupuncture channels to help clear traumatic memory and it’s subsequent dysfunctional thought patterns in the mind. I started studying her technique and practicing it with patients on the deeper, more committed level of healing that the Journey offers and I began to see some pretty profound changes. People who had struggled with dysfunctional patterns of behavior for decades were starting to change. It was a real revelation of healing and a vitally important step for me as a practitioner. I began to do the type of work that I really love and feel called to do. And I began to see people who felt really stuck in physical symptoms or behaviors get free from the bondage of those dysfunctions.

This program is a culmination of nine years of clinical practice, experience facilitating acupuncture workshops with trauma survivors at St. Vincent’s Rape Crisis Center, a non-profit organization called Friends of Firefighters to help firefighters struggling with PTSD, my personal journey with transformation and my deep love for people and the desire to see them living free and abundant lives. I just know that we can live with abundant peace free from anxiety and for some this means we need to heal the deepest hurts and fears that threaten to dampen our futures. I really hope that this program guide has found you because you are ready to step into a sacred experience of healing that will immerse you in the support you need to finally get free from past hurts and traumas that may be manifesting in physical illness.

This Program is right for you if:

  • You are tired of living a mediocre existence that feels more like survival than enjoyment.
  • You are ready to finally put a past trauma behind you and embrace a future that is full of hope and promise.
  • You suspect a physical symptom you experience may have its root in repressed emotion.
  • Traditional psycho-therapy hasn’t yielded the type of results you desire and you suspect it has to do with the mind-body connection.

This Program is NOT right for you if:

  • You would rather not talk about the past.
  • You are unwilling to work through the resistance to feeling the pain of past traumas or buried emotions.
  • You would rather someone “work” on you and passively receive “treatment.”
  • You are currently active in an addiction – and this could mean disordered eating as well as substance abuse.

Below are some examples of situations clients have found themselves in who were ideal for the Journey of Healing and who experienced tremendous growth through the process:

  • You have a health concern that hasn’t responded to conventional or even alternative care, i.e. medication, physical therapy, anti-depressants, massage, acupuncture, body work, anti-anxiety medication.
  • You had an illness that was operated on and after the surgery, it has come back, or has started to manifest in a different way.
  • You have chronic or widespread pain that has been diagnosed as fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but you suspect there are underlying emotional reasons for the pain.
  • You have been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition and are disturbed by the fact that your immune system has turned on itself and would like to explore an answer as to why this is happening.
  • You have recently surrendered an addiction and are feeling stressed out and emotionally volatile. Addictions could be: cigarettes, sugar, alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, or even coming off anti-depressants or sleep aids.
  • You are going through a major life change such as a move, a divorce, major relationship break up, career change, loss of a parent, spouse or child, menopause, retirement.
  • You haven’t been able to engage in an intimate sexual relationship in five or more years and you know it has to do with feelings of being hurt in the past, or trauma that hasn’t been resolved.
  • You haven’t had a healthy sexual relationship with a spouse in one or more years and you aren’t sure why or what to do about it.
  • You hate your job and you aren’t sure what to do about it because you’ve always wanted to pursue a different path but have been too afraid to go for it.  
  • You’ve been sober or clean for a while but you feel like depression has a hold of you or you feel that you are capable of more but you end up feeling dissatisfied with how things are but you’re not sure how to change it.
  • You want to have a child but you can’t seem to attract or be attracted to the right kind of guy and you are getting older and feeling the pressure of your age and you’re not sure what to do about it.
  • There is a trauma that you feel still affects you even though you have gone to therapy, you feel that it is manifesting in your body and you want to be able to release it and not have it affect your present circumstances.
  • OR the most baffling of all: Your life is moving forward but you are crippled with fear and feel a huge emotional conflict with getting what you want and not being sure how to handle it, whether its fear of success or fear of failure, but you are sure your fears are playing a huge role in your life.

How the Program works: The program consists of 14 one hour Private healing Sessions with me spread out over four months time. We will use a combination of EFT Ego Tamer Tapping Sessions and Bodywork/Acupuncture sessions depending on the immediate needs of the client. Progress will be assessed halfway through the 14 sessions. I offer a free consultation for those who are curious about how the Tapping Sessions work. Please schedule a free consultation here.


(Full Payment)- $1500

(Two Payment)- 2 payments of $750