Sure Enough I Was Pregnant!

I started going to Mary Hart a few years ago for chronic neck pain. When my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant before heading to the fertility doctor I called upon Mary Hart once again. With my cycle being unusually long (6 weeks) we decided to focus on that. 3 treatments and 6 weeks later I missed my period and sure enough I was pregnant!

When I went to the Doctor to confirm my pregnancy and had my first sonogram the sonographer asked if I had been taking fertility drugs. I said no, but told her I had been doing acupuncture. She told me that my ovaries were blooming!

When it comes time for delivery I will be calling on Mary to help with that as well. Mary listens to what is ailing you and she is sweet and attentive. I highly recommend her.

Sarah, hairdresser, Bklyn, NY

Relief of Pain in Left Arm

I had never tried acupuncture before I went to see Mary Hart. After she treated me, I realize how acupuncture can heal. I had been having problems with my left arm on and off for about three years. Symptoms would vary between on-going pins and needles and actual occasional throbbing pain. My cardiologist assured me it was not a cardio problem and thought it may have to do with a pinched nerve somewhere in my neck. My internist recommended an MRI on my back but this didn’t reveal anything significant. My chiropractor recommended that I consult with Mary Hart. Within minutes Mary had me raise my left arm. She pressed her finger into a spot in my armpit which caused me immediate pain. “Ah, there it is,” she said and proceeded to place the needles in that spot and along my left arm. After one treatment I felt immediate relief. I went for several more treatments and have not had any symptoms since. That was over three months ago. Needless to say, I’ve become a believer.

Michael S., Brooklyn, NY

It Is Such A Relief

I am a new patient you saw on Friday. I just want to tell you about the improvements that I have experienced since the treatment. First of all, my nasal passages are significantly less swollen and breathing through my nose is possible. It is such a relief. The pain in my left foot and both ankles are gone. My right foot under the ankle has significantly less pain. I was so enthusiastic that I attempted to jog a block with my new dog. It didn’t hurt the way I feared it might and that gave me hope. I also have not had any cramping in my feet and legs which I have had frequently post foot surgeries. My shoulders/upper back/collarbone area, are still sensitive and painful, however, I have a greater range of mobility with both of them. I have been concentrating on breathing deeply and with full breaths. I have also been stretching as pain and ability allows. I am on the lookout for Yamuna balls or something similar and will research some exercises like you mentioned. I have also been taking the Formula 303 and am more comfortable doing daily activities.

I really want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of the progress you made and hope you have offered to feel like my old ABLE self again. My outlook was getting grim and I didn’t want to give in to the pain. Now I believe it will be gone with your assistance. Thank you.

I also want to thank you for all of the information on exercises, advice on easing the pain and kind ear while I process the loss of my friend.

Jackie, Student, Bklyn, NY

Mary’s Treatments Have Brought Me Back to Health

Mary Hart’s “Inner Dragon” treatment, her grounding treatment, and her treatment of my focus, clarity and weight loss have very nearly saved my life. I have suffered for years with Candida, and all the accompanying symptoms: gas, bloating, fatigue, and brain fog. Before I met Mary, my stomach was so bloated I was embarrassed to go anywhere. I often could not concentrate well enough to accomplish simple tasks like responding to emails. When I came to Mary, I’d already been to many doctors, acupuncturists, and alternative practitioners for help, and had tried many remedies: low carbohydrate and anti-yeast diets, an array of anti-candida supplements, exercise, Flucanozole, Diflucan, even hydrogen peroxide and diflucan by Intravenus Drips; but NOTHING helped. Over the past four months, Mary’s treatments have slowly but surely brought me back to health. Now my stomach is digesting food nearly normally again, I have the energy to run four miles every day, and the mental focus that I need to accomplish myriad tasks for my business. My outlook has changed, too—I was depressed before, and now I feel bright, happy, and excited about life. I’ve even met someone! I believe that Mary’s healing skills stem not just from her technical excellence as an acupuncturist, but also from her kind and compassionate inquiries into what was going on in my life. Mary believes that physical and emotional health are intertwined, and her treatments and advice gave me the tools I needed to tackle physical as well as emotional issues. I would recommend her healing sessions to anyone feeling less strong and clear than they’d like to. She is amazing.

Jane I., Brooklyn, NY

Improved Quality of Life

I meet with Mary Hart once a week and have done so since December of 2010. I have a very high stress job and it was dramatically affecting my health and the quality of my life. In my previous project, I was essentially working 7 days a week for almost 5 years. When I came to Mary Hart, my complexion was gray. Mary Hart has been instrumental in restoring my physical and spiritual health through the weekly healing sessions with her. These sessions have revitalized me and as a result, my quality of life has dramatically improved. The healing sessions have become a regular part of my life and aid me in maintaining balance.

John L., Construction Executive

A Cherished Health Care Provider

Mary Hart has been instrumental in restoring and maintaining my physical and spiritual health, as a result of her weekly healing sessions. By carefully listening and applying her keen awareness and varied acupuncture techniques, she has helped me with menopausal depression, emotional trauma, post surgery healing and more. As a result, Mary Hart has proven to be indispensable and she has become a cherished health care provider who is invaluable to helping me maintain my health and well being.

Therese, Private Art Consultant
Manhattan, NY

Feel Empowered

After 5 months of missing my period, I felt broken. My partner and I were ready to start a family, but how could we if I wasn’t ovulating? A friend suggested I go to Mary Hart for acupuncture. Mary immediately put me at ease after asking me some questions, and checking different points on my body from my ears to my toes. She informed me of the possible blockages that would prevent me from menstruating and went right to work with the acupuncture. When she left the room, I lay there with more awareness and positivity of my body then I had ever had, and literally felt my pelvic area open up. I got my period 3 days later, and after seeing a Reproductive Endocrionologist who told me even after my period that my “ovaries weren’t talking to my uterus” and that I might have to consider fertility treatment, I visited Mary two more times without meds. When the RE took an ultrasound, she saw a 22mm follicle! Then the RE’s nurse took my blood to see if I was surging and I was! I just have so much faith in all Mary has done for me, and I finally feel empowered, healthy, and totally not broken. I am looking forward to pregnancy–my body works naturally, and I am eternally grateful.

Helen, Elementary School Teacher
Brooklyn, NY

Pain Free Shoulder with Acupuncture

I have been to several acupuncturists, some good and some not so great. I went to Mary with a shoulder problem which I had been struggling with for a year. I had immediate results after one session, and after a few more visits I can now say that I am pain free. It is very easy to communicate with Mary as she is a great listener, and is very smart and intuitive. I always leave with a sense of well being, and the warm feeling that I have been treated by someone who really cares. Although my shoulder issue has been resolved, I continue to get treated by Mary because I feel that her work makes a big difference to my health in general. Mary Hart lives up to her name, and I would go to her in a heartbeat!

Emily W.
Brooklyn, NY

Pregnancy Assistance

I was blessed to work with Mary at the end of my first pregnancy when my daughter was late in arriving. Her gentle touch and healing presence helped me stay grounded and open during a challenging waiting period. Even in the dead of winter when everything else around me felt closed up and iced over, Mary’s powerful work allowed me to stay vibrant, energized and deeply in touch with my body. Thanks, Mary!

Kate Quarfordt

Chronic Pain, Stress & Anxiety

I have seen Mary for numerous issues, including chronic neck and shoulder pain and more generalized emotional/spiritual issues like stress management and anxiety – particularly before I took a major exam.  She recognized a problem with my neck and back muscles that my chiropractor overlooked for three years, making a chronic problem treatable and manageable.  Trust me when I say Mary has healing hands!

Jennifer Brown
Brooklyn, NY

Acupuncture for Adult Acne

I had a WONDERFUL experience receiving acupuncture from Mary Hart, the owner of Healing Heart Acupuncture in Brooklyn. She was referred to me by a friend who was well aware of my persistent adult acne problem and what a bother it was to me. I told her I needed a solution fast. I went to two sessions with Mary Hart and my acne started to disappear not just for a couple of weeks but for ever. Once and awhile I get one little zit, but it is nothing like it used to be and this is only after 2 sessions! I am definitely going to go back for another session. I feel fantastic my physical energy is restored and my skin is looking great. Two people at work noticed a difference in my skin and asked me what I had done differently. I highly recommend Healing Heart Acupuncture for any ailment. Not convinced? Call me at 917-562-6733 and I will talk to you more about my experience.

Celia Salgado

Stomach, Wrist, TMJ

Mary Hart has not only effectively treated my stomach, wrist and TMJ problems; she also provides a very soothing atmosphere and really listens to you. I highly recommend her.

Tom A.
Brooklyn, NY

Acupuncture & Reiki

Mary is a natural born healer. I highly recommend Mary to help you with her excellent acupuncture skills as well as her beautiful Reiki healing hands. As one of my Reiki students, I can tell you that she is highly intuitive and can really zoom in on what needs attention. Mary has a gentle and loving approach to her healing.

Sue Pike
Brooklyn, NY

Finely Tuned Skills

Mary Hart’s work reflects the unusual combination of finely tuned skills and the genuine interest in the well-being of her patients. I have had the opportunity of receiving Mary’s work many times and highly recommend her.

Maureen Goss, M.S. L.Ac.

Immediate Improvement & Speedy recovery from Chronic Pain

I was introduced to Mary by my Chiropractor, when treatment of my chronic pain had plateaued. Mary worked closely with me and my doctor to understand the problem. Her acupuncture brought an immediate improvement in my condition and helped speed my recovery rate. I’m very happy with the results and I highly recommend her!

Jen H.