As of August 15th, 2016, the Prospect Heights office will be closed temporarily due to maternity leave. I will be seeing patients at my home office in Borough Park/Sunset Park starting September 7th. Please email me if you are interested in coming to the home office.

First Level Healing: Acupuncture Treatment — The Physical Realm

All acupuncture sessions are one hour long and individually tailored to each person, each time. After a brief discussion, you will get undressed and will be properly draped on the acupuncture table. You can bring shorts if you feel more comfortable.

I will check your pulse and tongue for diagnostic purposes and palpate or touch the abdomen and the area of complaint in order to choose acupuncture point placement. You will be left alone in the room for 20-30 minutes at which point the needles will be removed and you will get dressed.

Most people feel relaxed and comfortable after the treatment. Occasionally, a treatment will take several hours afterward to “sink in”. Usually, people report feeling happy and a sense of well-being. It is very common to sleep well the night after treatment.

I recommend first level healing for people who have internal disorders such as digestive disturbance, respiratory problems, gynecological dysfunction, urinary issues, or any pattern of discomfort that worsens with stress. The recommended course of treatment is once a week for at least five weeks in order to see if a change can be made. Packages are available.

Second Level Healing: Private Healing Session — The Physical Realm Expanded

Private Healing Sessions are also one hour long but combine acupuncture with acupressure, massage, myofascial release therapy, energy and prayer healing and essential oils that address emotional patterns of dysfunction. During this session, we go to deeper layers of the musculature, using a very hands-on approach to postural imbalances and areas of chronic tension or fatigue.

I recommend this level of treatment for people who have physical pain or symptoms that are recurrent or somewhat chronic. It is also appropriate for someone who feels their body benefits from touch and/or attention to detail. This treatment is very comprehensive and will leave you feeling like all aspects of your complaints were thoroughly addressed. Afterward, something significant will have happened to disrupt your journey with pain or dysfunction.

Special Programs

Third Level Healing: The Journey of Healing Program — Mind-Body Healing

This is my most popular program. It’s a Four-Month Protocol designed to help you understand the obstacles in your thinking that are leading to bad health, out of whack emotions and a dampened spirit. This is mind-body medicine at it’s best. With a focus on a specialized Ego Tamer Tapping Technique, we spend 12 sessions over the course of four months on clearing away the unresolved traumas and conflicts that are affecting your view of the present and the future. I’ve had clients say they don’t recognize themselves after it’s through. This program is the heart and soul of my practice and is a culmination of all of my studies, my years of clinical experience, and my own journey of healing.

Fertility Enhancement Program: Preparatory Protocol For Natural or Assisted Reproduction

When I think of the lengths that people in our generation have to go to sometimes to have a child, the phrase that always comes to mind is, “The fertility journey is not for sissies.” Trying to have a child can very easily become the most challenging aspect of your adult life. I feel a very deep calling to help men and women through what can be the extremely difficult process of becoming parents. In this program, you will receive clarity around what dietary guidelines to follow, proper supplementation, targeted and consistent acupuncture treatments, in addition to the emotional support one needs while going through Assisted Reproduction or even natural conception. In some cases, we will need to clear away the old stories and traumas that may be holding you back from conceiving a child. Whatever the obstacle might be to conception, our work together will help clear the path quickly to achieving your dream of becoming a parent.